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5 Things You Should Be Able To Do On Your Own

In a society where we are typically bound to our mobile devices, head down and immersed in a tablet or clawing for the nearest free Wi-Fi in order to check OK Cupid messages, now more than ever is the time to cut all cords (figuratively and literally) and do things alone.


5 Unusual Things People Do Not Know About Colombia

Colombia one of those countries many people don’t seem to really know much about. People think of drugs, particularly in reference to Pablo Escobar and beautiful women, because lets face it, Colombian women are beautiful. But there is much more to the culture than that…


From Chuck to Alicia: Happy Anniversary!

We have an anniversary song, a one year anniversary, from Chuck to Alicia.


Son May Not Graduate as he Does Not Have Enough Credits.

We have an 18 year old son who is in danger of not graduating from HS due to the fact that he does not have enough credits to graduate. He failed a few major classes and is now beginning to cut school.


Young Child Letter Reversal Issues When Writing.

My daughter in preschool is writing but she is also exhibiting what the teacher calls reversals. We are worried as our older son did not do this.


The Monster Mash! A Halloween Special Yentagram

To Sarah! Your mom asked us to deliver a very important message to you.


Heavy and Liking it. Frustrated that Friends and Doctors say I Should Loose Weight

I am not that unhappy with my weight but my doctor and friends tell me I need to lose a few pounds.


Happy Birthday, Dear Roberta!

A birthday card from Maria to her friend Roberta, who is turning 21 years old.


Five Reasons To Work Harder Than You Are

No matter what your passion is in life, here are five reasons to work harder than you are.


5-Reasons Why One Should Come To Live In America

At 3.79 million square miles with 50 states in total and around 316 million people, America was presented with numbers first in all the introductions.


5 Things You Should Remove From Your Wardrobe, Like Yesterday

At the risk of offending anyone who may either still have the following items in their closet, or continue to (gasp) wear them, I apologize. However you must be aware of the insult you’re making to the fashion world, and more importantly to yourself.


Girlfriend Always Talking About Her Body and How it Looks Fat or Bloated.

My girlfriend is always talking about her body and how it looks fat, floated, and sometimes she says her legs are too thin and on an on. I think she is the most beautiful, but she dismisses it. Can you help me out as to what to say?


Yentagram: From Vanessa to Phil, How Hard to Break Up.

From Vanessa To Phil--She just broke up with him and wants to let him know how hard it was to do.


Need a Vacation? Try a Technoliday! Five Tips On Going Techie Free For One Week

It’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones when as a culture we have become so dependent on having a device in our hands at all times. Yet, when I think back fifteen years to a time before constant texting, emailing, Facebooking and Snapchatting, it seems that we all functioned just fine in such conditions.